Friday, May 13, 2011


Continued from our interview with the Norwich Bulletin:

Tell me about the production - what are the challenges with doing something like this?

Well it is a big show, bigger then what most people think of when they hear "puppet show"! Luna is a 40 minute full stage show with a cast of seven actors and puppeteers, several dozen puppets of every variety, moving scenery, numerous choreographed dance numbers, and sophisticated lighting effects. Coordinating the variety of disciplines and creating so many different animals were the biggest challenges, but the result is worth it. We go from a gentle duet of two elegant little seahorses, to a giant pink octopus who wriggles out into the audience. The show changes from moment to moment to keep our young audiences engaged, as well as their parents. There are a lot of technical details for our crew to keep up with, every moment is timed perfectly. Our biggest surprise was how well and quickly our cast of mostly high school students have been able to keep up with the demands of this unique kind of show. Some of them had never touched a puppet before, and puppetry is a physically demanding art. But their enthusiasm and dedication for learning has been remarkable and they've become stunning puppeteers and performers.

What do you think young audience members will remember most about this production?
We think they will definitely remember the giant pink octopus! And we hope our audiences become completely submerged in the wonder, beauty, humor and magic we feel when we are performing it. We hope that they fall in love with these animals as puppets, and that it gives them an even deeper connection when they then see those real animals at the aquarium.