Tuesday, May 17, 2011

interview with Linda: junk!

(left: an Ikea umbrella about to become one of the favorite animals in the show. Can you guess which one?)

Nicole's interview with Luna creator, Linda Wingerter, continued:

Are people usually surprised by the puppets and how dynamic they are on stage?

"People are usually surprised by what puppets can be. I specialize in found object and reclaimed materials puppets. It is important to me to use materials that already exist, as there is more then enough to make a million puppet shows in all the waste we produce. In Luna's Sea you'll see discarded broken objects so completely transformed you won't recognize them for anything other then sea animals. You don't need a lot of money to buy fancy materials to make the most amazing puppets. It's all about patience, creativity, and lots of thoughtful practice for the puppeteers. We have just about every kind of puppet in the show, from little seahorses to a giant pink octopus. But for me, the bunraku type, also called "direct manipulation" puppets because you touch the puppet directly without rods or strings, get the most satisfying movement. That's why our puppeteers are also dancers, because they are visible to the audience, and their movement, even if you're not looking at them directly, informs what the audience feels about the puppet. They are giving their life energy to make the puppets come alive. It's a beautiful experience."

All kinds of things from our basements and backyards ended up in the show, and several things salvaged from neighborhood garbage cans. What do you think this old hoop skirt taped to plumbers tubing might become???

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