Sunday, May 15, 2011

from behind the seas

There's plenty of aerobic dance and acrobatics going on onstage, but the real dance happens backstage. With just a few feet of wing space on each side of the stage, split between three levels connected by staircases and ladders, there's not an inch to spare with 7 performers, a stage manager, and dozens of puppets, especially our giant pink octopus! Every move behind the curtain is as carefully choreographed as the dances you see on stage. Puppets have to keep moving so new puppets can be accessed. Puppeteers climb ladders to reach the octopus head and angler fish which hang from the ceiling. Little puppets have to be kept track of so they don't get lost in the mounds of fabric waves. Puppeteers have to silently navigate around each other while they rush to be in their place. Nobody rests for 40 minutes!