Saturday, May 14, 2011

interview with Linda: from the depths

Nicole asked Linda some questions about creating Luna:

Where did Luna's Sea come from?
Luna's Sea has grown out of many years of multiple projects in multiple disciplines. I'm a children's book illustrator by trade, but I'm also a puppeteer, performance artist, community performance arts organizer, and teacher. I grew up on a mountain in northern New England, but since moving to the shoreline of Connecticut 15 years ago I've been fascinated by the sea. The ocean has been a recurring theme in many of the children's books I've illustrated, entirely by accident, and I love painting water, with all its layers of currents and light. When I apprenticed as a puppet builder and puppeteer for Puppetsweat, a very dance-based puppet theater company, I had never danced before. I fell in love with it and began creating a series of short vaudeville acts called "Polly and the Moon" for a friend's performance festival in New Haven that featured the moon as a puppet character, which appeared and reappeared as a guide, teaching Polly (myself) how to dance. A whimsical version of a very autobiographical story. I've worked with Cornerstone as a designer for their grown up shows, when they asked me if I'd be interested in creating a children's show for the aquarium I immediately saw the moon again as a guiding character, since the moon is so connected to the sea, and again a young girl learning about the life around her and herself.

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