Friday, May 20, 2011

interview with Linda: connect!

Nicole's interview with Linda, continued.

What is your goal for Luna's Sea? What do you hope people come away from it saying?

"I want our audience to become completely submerged in the wonder, beauty, humor and magic we feel when we are performing it. I hope that they fall in love with these animals as puppets, and that it gives them an even deeper connection when they then see those real animals at the aquarium, and a deeper desire to protect and appreciate them. I also hope they have a lot of fun!"

What has been your biggest surprise so far working on this production?

"I am most amazed by our puppeteers, many of whom are just 15. I've been teaching puppetry for many years to all ages of students including at universities. The dedication, determination, desire to learn and enthusiasm of Luna's puppeteers outdoes anything I've ever seen. The puppetry I'm asking them to do is not easy. Our 5 hour rehearsals are physically strenuous, and take a lot of patience and experimentation. They have met every challenge we've thrown them fantastically. We are so lucky to have found them!"

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